Brazil's Government Restarts Publication Of COVID-19 Data Following Supreme Court Ruling; Political Instability Bring Rumors Of Coup, Focus On Military

AP: Brazil obeys court order to resume providing full virus data
"A Brazilian Supreme Court justice ordered the government of President Jair Bolsonaro to resume publication of full COVID-19 data, including the cumulative death toll, following allegations the government was trying to hide the severity of the pandemic in Latin America's biggest country. The government complied with the decision Tuesday afternoon..." (De Sousa, 6/10).

New York Times: Coup Threats Rattle Brazil as Virus Deaths Surge
"The threats are swirling around the president: Deaths from the virus in Brazil each day are now the highest in the world. Investors are fleeing the country. The president, his sons and his allies are under investigation. His election could even be overturned. The crisis has grown so intense that some of the most powerful military figures in Brazil are warning of instability -- sending shudders that they could take over and dismantle Latin America's largest democracy. But far from denouncing the idea, President Jair Bolsonaro's inner circle seems to be clamoring for the military to step into the fray..." (Romero et al., 6/10).


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