Faith Communities Participate In Online HIV Interfaith Conference To Address Challenges Related To Achieving Global HIV Targets

UNAIDS: Faith communities discuss the way forward in the HIV response
"More than a thousand people of faith working in the HIV field recently came together for an online HIV interfaith conference, Resilience & Renewal: Faith in the HIV Response. ... During the three-day meeting, the participants identified joint action to address some of the challenges and emerging issues related to the achievement of the 2020 and 2030 HIV targets. All people of faith were invited to sign the online declaration of commitment to the HIV response: Our Promise to Action -- Resilience & Renewal: Faith in the HIV Response. The conference also saw the launch of the 13 Million Campaign to engage faith leaders, individuals, and communities to promote access to health services by the 13 million children, women, and men living with HIV who are not yet on antiretroviral therapy..." (10/6)


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