New HIV technology at IAS 2021

From biodegradable PrEP implants to 3D printed vaginal rings, IAS 2021 – the 11th IAS Conference on HIV Science – will feature the latest technological advances to support HIV prevention, testing and treatment. Register for IAS 2021 today to learn more and join the world's leading HIV professionals from Sunday, 18 July.
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  IAS 2021 takes place from 18-21 July.

HIV technology highlights
New studies presented at the conference will include:
  • Data on the effectiveness of long-acting injectable PrEP
  • Outcomes from a rapid test for PrEP adherence
  • The first report on a multi-drug biodegradable PrEP implant
  • Results from a once-every-six-months subcutaneous injection for HIV treatment
  • The safety and acceptability of the dapivirine vaginal ring for HIV prevention
  • Uptake of 3D printed vaginal rings to provide precise dosing for women to prevent HIV and pregnancy.


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