International AIDS Conference 2022 in Montreal

The theme of AIDS 2022 is re-engage and follow the science. AIDS 2022 will be a pivotal moment to galvanize the scientific, policy and activist communities.

The AIDS 2022 organizers endorse freedom of expression as an essential principle in the response to HIV and in promoting full participation in the International AIDS Conference. Activism and advocacy contribute to advancing commitment, policy and practice aimed at ending the epidemic.

The conference will provide support for dialogue and participation through a team of community activist liaisons who will provide advice and assistance before and during the conference, in accordance with the IAS principles and values of conference participation.

To support online advocacy and activism, AIDS 2022 welcomes the submissions of video messages highlighting why we need to re-engage the HIV response, as well as other important issues, messages and engagement to support and strengthen activism. Selected videos may be featured on the official #AIDS2022Engage campaign page on the AIDS 2022 website and International AIDS Society social media accounts and at AIDS 2022.


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