UNAIDS welcomes DDAHV the realization of the 1st certification GT Rally elimination of vertical transmission of HIV and syphilis

UNAIDS congratulates the Brazilian government for the initiative of the Department of Surveillance, Prevention and Control of STD, AIDS and Viral Hepatitis (DDAHV), the Ministry of Health, the establishment of the Working Group (WG) of Vertical HIV Transmission Elimination of Certification and / or syphilis in Brazil.

"This is a very important step taken by Brazil towards elimination of HIV transmission from mother to child and syphilis," said Georgiana Braga-Orillard, Director of UNAIDS in Brazil. "The country shows political and technical commitment to address the remaining challenges in their territory to ensure that all children are born free of these infections."

The group's first meeting took place on Monday (7/11) at DDAHV headquarters in Brasilia and met representatives of entities related to the response to HIV and AIDS, and syphilis. They discussed the current national epidemiological scenario of vertical transmission of syphilis and HIV in Brazil and the formation of the Working Group for preparation of documents for certifying the elimination of Vertical Transmission of HIV and / or Syphilis.

"We need to hear the views of experts on certification of municipalities and advance to the guests for the first meeting will be in the committee, which will assess the report of the municipalities interested in participating in this process," said the Director of DDAHV, Adele Benzaken, the will explain how the certification process proposed for municipalities who reach this milestone.

The world of the UNAIDS strategy for 2016-2021 provides for the elimination of transmission from mother to child of HIV, called vertical transmission in this period and provides for efforts and initiatives to ensure that all mothers can live in healthy conditions in a sustainable way.

"Assessing the dynamics and local challenges in responding to the epidemic in each municipality will certainly contribute for Brazil to advance in fighting the vertical transmission of HIV and syphilis. By bringing together local efforts to what we call thesprint end to the elimination of vertical transmission of HIV and syphilis, Brazil will have all the elements to be part of the select group of countries that have achieved this certification by WHO (World Health Organization) among them Cuba , Thailand andArmenia , "said Georgiana.

According to DDAHV, the committee's composition will be divided into four groups: assessment of respect for human rights;evaluation laboratories; evaluation of services and programs; evaluation of the surveillance and monitoring system. It was also decided that the next meeting will be between mid-January and early February 2017. Other work proposals are the composition and formalization of state committees; underreporting, which aims to improve the quality of data; the search for information of public and private services; and evaluation area, the municipalities with the worst indicators.

The Global Plan of UNAIDS to eliminate new HIV infections among children by 2015 and keeping their mothers alive , along with the Paris Declaration , are strategies that seek to encourage and support countries, state and local governments to promote the response of acceleration for the end of the AIDS epidemic as a threat to public health by 2030.

In Brazil, municipal governments of the five Brazilian regions have joined the Paris Declaration, committing themselves to the acceleration strategy of response to HIV proposed by UNAIDS. Together, these 23 cities, together with the Federal District and the State of Rio Grande do Sul - whose governors also signed the commitment - have a population of nearly 35 million Brazilian men and women.

Around the world, WHO has been working closely with UNAIDS (Joint Programme United Nations Programme on HIV / AIDS) and its co-sponsors to support countries in this process, replicating good accumulated practices in recent years and sharing lessons learned in the countries where they operate - at the federal, state governments, municipal and local - towards the elimination of mother to child transmission of HIV and syphilis.

Cover photo: Renato Oliveira / DDAHV


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