Number Of HIV Cases Passes 1M In Russia; Experts Criticize Government Strategies To Address Epidemic

Foreign Policy: New Year, New Possibly Discriminatory HIV Registry in Russia

"...Though roughly one percent of Russians are HIV-positive, Moscow refuses to acknowledge that an epidemic. ... Russia eschews more modern tactics of fighting HIV and instead favors of a zero-tolerance policy for drug use and 'moral education,' the preferred cure of the Orthodox Church. Now, however, it has added a third tactic: a national registry of HIV patients, launched with the new year..." (Tamkin, 1/3).


New York Times: HIV Cases Surpass a Million in Russia, but Little Is Done

"...The president has remained largely silent on HIV. Over all, activists said, the combination of indifference toward victims, government financial austerity, hostility toward foreign funds, and a powerful camp of AIDS deniers all amounts to the lack of a coherent national effort. Experts criticized a new, rather vague Russian government strategy on fighting HIV that was released in October for lacking a plan of execution or any new money..." (MacFarquhar, 12/28).



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