UNAIDS: Investing in HIV really does pay off"...[T]he case for investing in the AIDS response is strong, and a recent analysis of costs and benefits using the full income approach…
Funders Concerned About AIDS: Latest Resource Tracking Data Shows Relatively Flat Private Philanthropic Support for HIV/AIDSFCAA Executive Director John L. Barnes writes, "I am pleased to share FCAA's 17th annual…
From January 18-25, 2020, the AAVE Group in Goiânia, Brazil, participated in an Organizational Development course given by Ronan White, Director of Development for the Sisters of St Louis. The…
The Conversation: The search for an effective HIV vaccine continuesAnatoli Kamali, regional director for Africa at IAVI, and honorary professor in the Department of Infectious Disease Epidemiology at the London…
Washington Post: Letters to the Editor: A vaccine failed. But hope is not lost in the fight against HIV.Chip Lyons, president and chief executive of the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS…
The Hill: Promising HIV vaccine trial in South Africa fails"Researchers have halted a trial of a potential HIV vaccine because initial results found the treatment was not effective. The study…
Center for Strategic & International Studies: Success or Regress? The State of HIV in 2020The CSIS Global Health Policy Center hosted an event on Monday exploring the state of the…
UNAIDS: The Business Alliance to End AIDS by 2030 is announced at the World Economic Forum"The Business Alliance to End AIDS by 2030, a public-private coalition co-hosted by UNAIDS and…
The Conversation: New estimates show 14.8 million children globally are HIV-exposed but uninfectedAmy Slogrove, senior lecturer in pediatrics and child health at Stellenbosch University, and Kathleen M. Powis, assistant professor…
The Nation: U.S raises concern over stigmatization of people living with HIV"The United States of America (U.S) Embassy Deputy Chief of Mission, Ms. Kathleen FitzGibbon, has raised concerns over stigmatization…
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